Magic Castle magician

Magic Castle Magician

The Magic Castle is the premier magic club. Located in the heart of Hollywood, the Magic Castle is the gathering place for magicians and celebrities from all around the world. Set in a turn of the century mansion, its elegant dining, formal dress code, and magic memorabilia, makes the Magic Castle a one-of-a-kind experience.

Carl Christman is honored to have been a magician member of the Magic Castle for over a decade. During that time he been featured in the Magic Castle’s Peller Theatre numerous times. Visitors to the Magic Castle often marvel at Carl’s ability to get inside their minds. There are many amazing close-up and slight-of-hand magicians that do unbelievable things with playing cards. When the Magic Castle is looking for a magician who can really read people’s minds and give them an experience unlike anything they have ever had before, they call magician Carl Christman.

Unfortunately the Magic Castle is a member’s only club. The only way to get in is to either become a member or get a guest pass from a member. As a magician member, Carl is able to give out passes, but reserves those only for friends, family members, and clients he personally knows. Luckily, Carl is available to bring his Magic Castle show to your party or event. He has spent years honing his act in front of hundreds of Magic Castle audiences and stands ready to bring this mind-blowing experience to you.