Trade show magician

Trade Show Magician


Many trade show professionals do not understand the importance of having a trade show magician in their booth. The average trade show visitor is bombarded with hundreds of messages as they weave their way through a maze of booths and exhibitors. No matter how good your product or service is, without a little help, it is likely you will get lost in the crowd.

This is where trade show magicians come in. My mission is to make you stand out by building a crowd at your booth. My world-class trade show magic is guaranteed to blow your guest’s minds. My specialty, however, is to help you build traffic, by stopping people from just walking by and draw them into your booth.

My highly visual magic piques the curiosity of trade show visitors. My proven audience management techniques are guaranteed to bring them in and help get you leads. You and your company invest a lot of time and money on the booth. My tested trade show magic helps you make the most of that investment.

I am not the cheapest trade show magician out there, but I offer a great return on investment. When you hire me as your trade show magician you are guaranteed to see more traffic to your booth, which results in more leads and ultimately more business.

I start off with my mind-blowing magic set that I developed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and seamlessly weave in your corporate message and selling points. The trade show magic set I perform in your booth will be one of a kind. It will be designed to create buzz and excitement for your products.

My powerful and professional trade show magic is an amazing tool to help achieve your trade show goals. Imagine if you could pull in large crowds who are eager to learn more about your company. A good trade show magician can do that and more. I have years of experience as a trade show magic and am ready to put it to work for you.

I am one of the few trade show magicians that offers a full money-back guarantee. I am so confident that you will see the value of my trade show magic. If, after the first hour, you are not seeing bigger crowds, getting more leads, and experiencing world-class magic, I am happy to offer a 100% refund.

Trade show magician Carl Christman is available to work at any of the following convention centers:

  • Los Angeles trade show magician
  • Orange County trade show magician
  • Palm Springs trade show magician
  • Long Beach trade show magician
  • Pasadena trade show magician
  • Ontario trade show magician
  • Riverside trade show magician
  • San Diego trade show magician

Carl Christman is the trade show magician. His high-energy magic is the perfect solution for drawing clients to your booth and keeping them there. No matter what kind of trade show, Carl can tailor his presentation to your organization and help build your brand. Carl is available to perform all over Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. He is also available in the San Francisco Bay area, Las Vegas and throughout the United States by request.